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Mark Sell: Not really the best spokesman

Submitted without further comment: These types of attacks only take focus away from the issues Loudoun County residents are concerned about, such as education, transportation and taxes. – Loudoun County Republican Committee Chair Mark Sell, in response to a petition … Continue reading

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“Anybody who actually believes that prohibiting discrimination against transgender people is going to result in men in dresses lurking in ladies restrooms — even when it has never happened in any jurisdiction where such a law exists — is not … Continue reading

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Victimism, defined

So I get pinged Tuesday by the new Loudoun Times-Mirror reporter, who wants to know if I have any comment on the Delgaudio fundraising letter that embarrassed both the Weekly Standard (“This is obviously not the sort of advertising that … Continue reading

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No protected classes?

For years the line has been ‘no protected classes,’ and the first thing they throw in — very secretly — was a very protected class, and limited them from repercussions of their own actions. No protected classes, indeed. It’s important … Continue reading

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An embarrassing eccentricity

What a ridiculous story this is. Scouting (like the military, like every other part of life) includes people who are openly gay. That means parents who are leaders and volunteers, and scouts themselves. For the most part, participants act as … Continue reading

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Tolerance for child endangerment? No.

“Tolerance” is one of those mealy-mouth words that gets tossed around, often, it seems, as a strategy for avoiding something that really needs to be said. Let’s just be clear: Some things should never be tolerated. The reckless endangerment of … Continue reading

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Qualifications in the reality-based world

Have you heard this story? It seems that Jennifer Keeton, a young woman studying for a Masters in school counseling at Augusta State University, has found that the profession is not a good fit for her. Under normal circumstances, such … Continue reading

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