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Unclear on the concept?

UPDATE: I have just learned that the Montgomery showerheads are continuing their disgusting attacks. Like Mr. Delgaudio, they are guilty of something akin to blood libel. Such people will be held accountable by history. To the left is a handout … Continue reading

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Mandated by conscience and constitution

On January 5, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors adopted a motion by Supervisor Stevens Miller, adding “sexual orientation and gender identity” to the county government’s employment nondiscrimination policy. Here you can clearly see who was grandstanding and wasting board … Continue reading

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Overreaction award: “This is freaky, this is bizarre, and this is fruity”

LATER UPDATE: Edited video is here. UPDATE: Video of the board discussion is available here; forward to 2:25:20 (item #9). That is what the Supervisor from Sterling had to say this morning about Stevens Miller’s motion amending Loudoun County’s Equal … Continue reading

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These showerheads are not adjustable

“There are people who react in an unthinking way to transgender people.” That’s certainly an understatement. However, to paraphrase the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Laws cannot force people to think, but they can restrain the thoughtless. Such laws, unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Bigotry loses big in Montgomery

A referendum that was designed by the anti-gay industry as a template for overturning legal protections for transgender people across the nation has been thrown out and will not appear on the ballot in Montgomery County in November. The county’s … Continue reading

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My overall assessment is that we are losing this battle. The dynamic is going against us. Young people believe that we are wrong; not only do they believe that we are wrong, but they believe it with a “go to … Continue reading

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A remarkably good question

Just a small coda to the previous post, as we continue to be astounded by the interest taken by self-identified “Christian” activists in what other people’s genitals look like. From Claire Guthrie Gastañaga, discussing the California version of Maryland’s shower-nuts … Continue reading

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