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Unclear on the concept?

UPDATE: I have just learned that the Montgomery showerheads are continuing their disgusting attacks. Like Mr. Delgaudio, they are guilty of something akin to blood libel. Such people will be held accountable by history. To the left is a handout … Continue reading

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Bigotry loses big in Montgomery

A referendum that was designed by the anti-gay industry as a template for overturning legal protections for transgender people across the nation has been thrown out and will not appear on the ballot in Montgomery County in November. The county’s … Continue reading

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Enabling murder

We reported awhile back on a very obvious hoax that was perpetrated by the same little group that tried for five+ years to stop Montgomery County’s updated sexuality curriculum from being implemented. What the group did was to put one … Continue reading

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File under Hoaxes, poorly executed

Update: Autumn from Pam’s House Blend would like an apology from all involved in this pitiful stunt. I’m not holding my breath, either. Well, it seems that the story of “the man wearing a blue ruffled skirt” in the ladies’ … Continue reading

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Conversations we need to have

Update: Pam’s House Blend has picked up the story of the hoax perpetrated by the Montgomery County anti-transgender group. There’s been a lot of chatter about race and gender in the last week amongst the chattering class, hasn’t there? Has … Continue reading

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As predicted, another teachable moment

The earth is flat; isn’t that obvious? I mean, it’s just so obvious, go outside and look. What!? How dare you suggest I don’t know! You have no right to force everyone to play along with your “world-not-flat” fantasy! I … Continue reading

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Sorry for your discomfort

Look – it turns out that the Montgomery County Republicans have produced their very own imitation of Eugene Delgaudio: “Heil Hitler!” Adol T. Owen-Williams II, a Montgomery County Republican Central Committee member, shouted immediately after the vote from his third-row … Continue reading

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