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Yesterday in Geneva, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a brilliant, deeply compassionate speech in recognition of International Human Rights Day. She begins by describing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted following the atrocities of World War II. “It … Continue reading

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The inevitable result of “it”

What you will see below is the result of people being told they should see other people as “it.” A woman is violently assaulted in a Baltimore McDonalds, dragged across the floor, repeatedly kicked in the head until she has … Continue reading

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Where’s our human rights advocate?

Where are you, Frank Wolf? Sometimes, when I suggest that you share the opinion of my humanity held by the likes of Dick Black, Sideshow Bob, and our professional bigot in Sterling, I’m told that no, you are a champion … Continue reading

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How can they not see?

Via the Fairfax Family Forum, a very interesting post about how evil is hard to recognize when it is normalized. The purpose of this piece is to condemn abortion, which is the reason that FFF has linked to it. For … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, America

Friends, I received a note from a reader, saying that participating in the Leesburg 4th of July parade is a bold statement for her to make, but one that desperately needs to be made. That’s probably a common feeling. How … Continue reading

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