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“Identity politics” at LEAP

Why would a counseling professional discuss adolescent identity formation and challenges to fitting in at school, and fail to include a discussion of sexual orientation and gender conformity? This is an excellent question, and one that several parents asked me … Continue reading

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The trouble with Normal

Tim Chesnutt, director of the Loudoun Youth Initiative, is telling the media that LYI needs “to be more creative about how we get the word out there” about the groundbreaking play Normal, due to the refusal of Loudoun County Public … Continue reading

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Listening to youth?

Loudoun County is “listening to youth” – except when “somebody” might object to what they have to say. It turns out that the Loudoun Youth Initiative, created, endorsed and administered by county government to address the problems identified by youth, … Continue reading

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The Laramie Project in Jefferson County

The award-winning theater department of Jefferson High School (located just across the border in West Virginia) will be presenting The Laramie Project next week. Shows are February 7th through the 11th (click on the graphic for times and ticket information). … Continue reading

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Reality: It’s just too controversial

Update: The Maryland code, sensibly enough, contains a provision advising schools to teach that there is such a thing as “sexual variation.” What a radical concept: Teaching students that reality is what it is, rather than what some special interest … Continue reading

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Teach facts, not beliefs

I just heard a very good discussion on WETA of the ongoing Montgomery County sexuality education controversy (the modified curriculum is being voted on today). Guests were David Fishback, a PFLAG parent and founding member of the parents organization that … Continue reading

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Don’t poke the bear

Archive of drama policy material The panel on the LCPS theatrical presentations policy held last night was very illuminating – kudos to the LEAP program coordinators for pulling it together. There will be a detailed report later below the fold, … Continue reading

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