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Scary Smokescreens

What an awesome letter. Washington Post Loudoun Extra September 13, 2007 What a relief to see that Manuel the Illegal Alien is the source of all Loudoun ills – soaring taxes, overcrowded schools, endless traffic jams. Until now, some thought … Continue reading

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From the Department of Bizarre heterosexual practices

A special “Thank you” to Mr. Delgaudio for the proper phrasing for this post. I found this in the comments at Teach the Facts. Please send predictions about how long it will take some genius to protest that this entrepreneurial … Continue reading

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Oh, Barbara..

Update: Gosh, you’ll never guess who else is spreading this fabrication – Eugene Delgaudio. What a perfect pair. Fact check? Local Focus on the Family writer Barbara Curtis is at it again, introducing a PFOX fundraising appeal as “something you … Continue reading

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Why isn’t this on Lynn Chapman’s campaign website?

Here’s an example of what 32nd District delegate candidate Lynn Chapman does as policy director of the Family Leader Network. The Washington Post reports that Family Leader Network has joined PFOX and “Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum” in seeking a … Continue reading

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Another ugly election season is upon us

The Washington Blade weighs in with an article about recent gay-baiting campaign tactics in Virginia and a bipartisan call to cut it out, co-signed by Equality Virginia, Log Cabin Republicans and Virginia Partisans. The article is primarily about the push … Continue reading

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Silly haters

Wife Power! “Apparently the clowns fundamentally misunderstood the nature of the rally, they believed it was a clown rally and came in force to support their pointy hatted brethren…” This is absolutely hilarious. Here is how the Knoxville Anti Racist … Continue reading

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