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Marriage equality makes people taller

Oh, dear. Americans are no longer the tallest people on earth. Why, you may ask? Among other elements of “a complicated amalgam of genetic, environmental, social and biological influences,” we find this tidbit: “Some of these other countries probably have … Continue reading

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Into the muck

The fact that anyone – a candidate, someone acting on behalf of a candidate, someone attempting to smear a candidate, it doesn’t really matter – would ask a polling question like this: “Would your vote for Delegate be affected if … Continue reading

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Church chat

All kinds of remarkable, amusing things are surfacing as the thrashing over the ill-conceived push/message testing/research/whatever poll allegedly commissioned by the Lynn Chapman campaign continues unabated. To wit: This picture is posted (with the caption: “Jerusalem fell and the Holy … Continue reading

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Where’s Lynn?

This seems like sound advice from one conservative to another: Lynn Chapman must immediately and forcefully denounce such activity. He must likewise come completely clean with whether or not these questions were actually asked in a poll authorized by his … Continue reading

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Slow learners

It’s widely accepted that the defeat of former delegate Dick Black, considered the most anti-gay member of the General Assembly before his involuntary 2005 “retirement,” was largely due to voter impatience with his obsessive focus on sexually oriented social issues. … Continue reading

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What passes for “victory”

I see that PFOX is announcing that they have won an important victory in Arlington County. From an Alliance Defense Fund press release: ARLINGTON, Va. -Arlington Public Schools agreed yesterday to permit Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) … Continue reading

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La Voz forum

Although the recent Loudoun County Board of Supervisors action regarding services for undocumented residents doesn’t directly impact the GLBT community, it’s hard to observe the fear-based rhetoric about “those people” coming from certain local politicians without saying “hmmm…where have I … Continue reading

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