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It still comes down to the heckler’s veto.

As everyone likely knows by now, the Loudoun County School Board has adopted a policy for regulating theatrical presentations in our public schools. Language proposed by Delgaudio sycophant Warren Geurin was added to the policy that was drafted at the May 25 Legislative and Policy Committee meeting. This language differed significantly from the amendment that Delgaudio, et al was publicly promoting (prohibiting “sexual themes, depiction of sexual acts and the promotion of sexuality,” language that has no legal definition and was clearly not going to get anywhere). Continue reading

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What birds flock where

Barbara Curtis contacted one of our board members after this letter was published. She wants us to know that she was not referring to our community in her column. Loudoun Times-Mirror July 7, 2005 By David Weintraub, Equality Loudoun, Lovettsville … Continue reading

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UCC overwhelmingly votes for “full marriage equality”

On July 4, 2005, the General Synod of the United Church of Christ overwhelmingly passed a resolution in support of equal marriage rights for all people, regardless of gender. It marks the first time that one of the nation’s mainline … Continue reading

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