First they came for McDonalds, then they came for Pepsico…another AFA boycott

I sure hope that William A and his parents don’t like Pepsi products, because the openly anti-capitalist American “Family” Association is staging another boycott. I received their boycott kit in the mail today, which included: A cover letter, a “Boycott Pepsi – COMPANY BECOMES MAJOR BACKER OF THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA WITH $1,000,000 IN GIFTS TO GAY GROUPS” petition, a pledge card, and a post card addressed to Pepsico Chairman Indra K. Nooyi. I especially liked the post card, which I edited for appropriateness:

Although I’m not a big proponent of factory food, a buycott may be in order. Splurge. Go ahead and buy a Pepsi, a bag of Fritos and some Tropicana orange juice (in honor of the ghost of Anita Bryant, just revived in the film Milk). If you’ve got a strong stomach, stop by the AFA web site and ask for a complimentary six month subscription to the AFA Journal. Maybe they’ll send you your own boycott kit to doctor up.

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  1. David says:

    So, AFA is claiming that their proposed boycott “has nothing to do with” PepsiCo’s employment practices. That’s what it says on their card.

    But in the correspondence to which AFA itself provides a link, Donald Wildmon objects to a grant made to PFLAG which was specifically earmarked for improving employment practices. They also link to PepsiCo’s Equality Index scorecard (cutely described as “See PepsiCo’s homosexual benefits package”), apparently finding that objectionable as well. I don’t really see how anything could be more about PepsiCo’s employment practices, frankly.

    Which leads me to ask: Is Don Wildmon stupid?

    Response from Paul Boykas, director, public policy to Donald E. Wildmon (November 18, 2008):

    I’m responding to your letter to our Chairman. In 2008, the PepsiCo Foundation awarded a grant to Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays to support a national program specifically designed for workplace environments.

    The initiative seeks to promote further understanding and equality in the places where people spend much of their time at work.

    Among the values promoted by the PepsiCo Foundation is ensuring a work environment that is respectful and where associates are valued for their contributions. I hope this helps clarify this grant by the PepsiCo Foundation.

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